BabyRobot participates to the UK Robotics Week

To celebrate UK Robotics Week 2018 (25-29 June 2018) researchers from the BabyRobot partner UH (University of Hertfordshire’s Adaptive Systems Research Group) went to a local primary school to give pupils the chance to experiment first-hand with a number of innovative robots.

The University of Hertfordshire’s Robotics Crash Course, was designed to inspire children about the possibilities of a career in Computer Science and Robotics. The course covers all aspects of robotics, from how robots are designed (CAD design) and created (including 3D printing) to how they are programmed and the reasons for developing robots that have Artificial Intelligence.

Robots involved in the tutorials and hands-on sessions include Kaspar, a humanoid robot created to improve the lives of children with autism and Scampi, a robot that looks like a spider with a couple of legs missing!

The event was covered in local media: